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California Riders: Improve your skills with Refresher Training

Learn the secrets the U.S. military has used to reduce motorcycle fatalities around the world

Would you invest just four hours in fun motorcycle training if you thought it could save your life? The U.S. Military has had exceptional results in reducing their motorcycle fatality rates by requiring Military motorcycle riders to take intermediate and advanced training on their own motorcycles. Fatalities dropped 37% to 61% across three Services in one year. These same life-saving skills can also keep you from becoming a statistic. Come out to your local California Motorcyclist Safety Program (CMSP) training site and take a “Total Control Refresher Training” course during the month of May. This is a four-hour riding class for experienced riders with a current motorcycle license. You will ride your own street-legal motorcycle. The class is taught by CMSP-certified Instructors and only costs $95.

Check out the CMSP website today to see the protective gear requirements and to register at the location nearest you.

Refresher Training Q&A

  • Q: What is it?
  • A: A unique opportunity to improve your skills on your own street-legal motorcycle.
  • Q: What will we do?
  • A: Ride motorcycles for four hours with expert instruction.
  • Q: Who’s it for?
  • A: Experienced riders with a current motorcycle license.
  • Q: What will I gain?
  • A: Confidence and skills—and it just might save your life!
  • Q: How do I sign up?
  • A: Check out the CMSP website for a list of the sites who are participating.
  • Q: How much does it cost?
  • A: $95
  • Q: What are the requirements?
  • A: Riding experience; a current motorcycle license, a street legal motorcycle that is registered and insured; full protective gear (see the list below).

Protective Gear Requirements:

DOT-approved helmet – full-face and/or three-quarter recommended
Eye Protection
Full-finger gloves; not open on the back of the hand
Long, durable pants
Protective motorcycle jacket
Over-the-ankle, strong, sturdy footwear that will protect your foot and ankle; preferably boots (Canvas high top sneakers not accepted)

Rider and Motorcycle Requirements:

Riding experience
Valid motorcycle license
Good condition street-legal motorcycle – registered and insured
Protective gear as described above required

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